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What They’re Saying

I've been working in Agile and Scrum environments for 10 years, this is the first time that all phases and roles of the Scrum process are truly clear to me. The class is designed extremely well to be able to quickly dissect and understand all the parts of this framework. Russell is a fantastic instructor, and took the time to not only connect me to the material, but also to speak directly to the challenges that I will face in guiding my organization to going beyond a Mechanical Scrum.

Great experience with experiences from diverse industries, making this learning session super effective. Russell is a super engaging instructor and ensures the participants are getting the most value out of their time

Russell has been my Agile coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and BA mentor at different times, on different projects, over the past two years. As a coach, he provides an excellent foundation for understanding Agile, as well as how to apply the principles into action. In terms of the enterprise, he played a vital role in introducing Agile to a Waterfall-based organization, and changing how our part of the company approached projects. He would be excellent for any organization that is undergoing Agile adoption and needs a teacher/champion to guide the transformation.


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